Acro Suites | Our Cooperation

Acro Suites | Our Cooperation

acro suites

Acro Suites | The ultimate Sensory Marketing Success Story in a unique boutique hotel

 Megasystems in collaboration with Scent Plus, created the ultimate Success Story, in the most unique, well-being destination, awarded for its high aesthetics and highly eco-friendly presence in the hotel market, the new boutique hotel Acro Suites!

Cooperation’s Goals

  • Enhancing the wellness attitude of the hotel.
  • Strengthening the brand personality and identity.
  • Maintaining the tradition of the destination.
  • Strengthening the relationship between human and nature as is promoted by the hotel.
acro suites by megasystems

The Strategy

For the fulfillment of the goals of Acro Suites we relied on the interpretation of the brand, its values, the hotel concept, the vision and everything that explains the “storytelling” of the accommodation.

  • Creation of a signature fragrance to highlight the character and unique identity of Acro Suites.The signature fragrance we created contains lavender, bergamot and bitter almond, creating a feeling of elegance, warmth and intimacy. Also the combination of cedar and cinnamon, provides a woody and spicy feeling in the atmosphere, while patchouli and musk capture elements of luxury, relaxation and well-being.Wherever the guests are, they can smell the garden and feel the outdoor festivities.
  • Selection of the appropriate music and creation of playlists for each area of ​​the accommodation.Experienced music curators and famous DJs, who make up our team, collaborated to strengthen the communication efforts of the brand “Acro Suites” and to promote all its features to their travelers.
sensory marketing at acro suites by megasystems

Maintaining and continuing Sensory Marketing at Acro Suites

As for all our partners, so for Acro Suites we provide mechanisms of new generation atmospheric technology, which diffuse the aroma in a natural way.

  • Every month, a specialized partner of the company visits the hotel in order to check the operation of the mechanisms that have been installed and to do the required maintenance. 
  • In terms of music, an innovative, special program called “Melody Mixer” is used, which works on an offline mode, provides the highest sound quality and is automatically updated by Amazon. 
  • We have created for Acro Suites its own branded products, such as reed diffusers, scented candles and fabric fresheners, which decorate its premises and are available for sale at the hotel, so that travelers can “get” a piece of their experience with them after leaving.
acro suites branded products by megasystems

Το Success Story

  • The signature fragrance we created for Acro Suites completely satisfied our customer as we managed to highlight the unique character of the hotel and the special brand values.
  • The branded products are a huge commercial success and create a connection of Acro Suites with the guests who “take” with them a part of their multi-sensory experience, upon their departure. Thus, the hotel strengthens its position in the heart of the visitors and increases its repeaters.
  • The atmosphere created by the combination of fragrance and music makes Acro Suites a Wellness Destination.

Project “ACRO” became a “Success Case Study”, as the ultimate hotel Concept at the Hotelier Academy, the most recognizable Blog in the Hospitality industry in Greece and abroad.

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