Breeze Milos | Our Cooperation

Breeze Milos | Our Cooperation

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Breeze Milos | Highlighting the Brand Personality of the Hotel

Megasystems in cooperation with Scent Plus designed the Signature Scent for the Boutique Hotel Breeze Milos, located at the wonderful Greek island of Milos. Through the signature Scent, the Hotel enhances its unique characteristics and its Brand Personality.

The Goals of our Cooperation

The main goal of our cooperation was for the Signature Scent to highlight the culture that lies behind Breeze Milos creating the ultimate Hotel Experience in order to boost its customers’ brand loyalty and retention.

breeze milos

The Signature Scent

Luxury – Elegance – Calmness – Greece – Sea are the seeds of inspiration for the new Signature Fragrance.

In cooperation with Scent Plus,

We created for Breeze Milos its own ‘signature scent’, decoding its values and philosophy as they are depicted in the hotel’s Brand Personality.
We turned its principal traits into aromatic notes.

Well-being, tranquility, elegance, and a feeling of luxury, are the primary characteristics of the Hotel concept.
The fragrance reflects the feelings and objective criteria as well as Breeze Milos’s love for both the island of Milos and Greece.

breeze milos

The Ingridients of the Scent Fragrance

Its composition opens with classic, airy, and fruity citrus notes of bergamot and lemon surrounded by soft and calming shades of lavender.

The rich heart, with honey and cinnamon, follows a romantic path.

Vanilla creates a soft and sensual veil touching flowers, fruits, and tobacco leaves.

The fragrance belongs to the category of white shade aromas.

As a sophisticated fragrance of multiple chords, it provides hospitality and strong touches of elegant luxury.
The sea breeze that emerges from the fragrance relaxes and mesmerizes the hotel guests.

The application of the Signature Scent @ Breeze Milos

The Signature Scent was applied to scented candles, reed diffusers, fabric fresheners, and scented wipes that travelers can take with them when leaving the Hotel.

Therefore, they keep the Hotel Experience indelible through the Signature Scent and the memories it brings to their mind.


breeze milos

The Success Story

The collaboration of Megasystems with Scent Plus for the creation of the Signature Scent for Boutique Hotel Breeze Milos was a complete success.

It thrived in highlighting the personality and special characteristics of the hotel to its audience – a goal that had been set from the beginning.