Hatzilazarou Group | Our Cooperation

Hatzilazarou Group | Our Cooperation

Hatzilazarou Group | Scent Branding Case Study

Hatzilazarou Group trusted us to create a unique Signature Scent for its 5-star hotels, Mayia, Princess Andriana, Boutique 5, Lindos Princess, Rodos Princess, and Princess Sun.

Όμιλος Χατζηλαζάρου

The Basic Objectives of Scent Branding

• Strengthening the Group’s identity and promoting it in its hotels.
• Reinforcing the feeling of relaxation and tranquility that are the main features of all the Group’s hotels.
• Highlighting the hospitality and unique elegance of the Group’s hotels.
• Presenting the Aroma of Greece – as a central pillar of the Group’s identity.

The Strategy & methodology of creating the Signature Scent

In order to achieve the goal of creating the Signature Scent of Hatzilazarou Group, we studied – in collaboration with a group of leading perfumers – special characteristics and brand values of Hatzilazarou Group which were analyzed in the initial Scent Brief.

The Signature Scent – Aroma of Greece

A powerful Mediterranean scent that reminds us of the blue sea and the mountain air.

Top Notes | In the top notes, orange blossom and jasmine offer a sense of well-being.

Middle Notes | In the middle notes, the discreet presence of sunflower, almond oil, and wild lily delivers a sense of serenity and naturalness.

Sense – Base | The multifaceted presence of ingredients such as leather, patchouli, incense, and musk highlight the elegance and diversity, key characteristics of the Hatzilazaros Group.

The ways of using the fragrance in Hatzilazarou Group Hotels

• The fragrance was applied to all the Group’s accommodations.

• The application was carried out with mechanisms of high standard atmospheric technology, with elegant design, diffusing the aroma in the atmosphere in a completely natural and consistent way.

• The unique fragrance is applied to Reed Diffusers to imprint the brand in the hearts and minds of visitors.

• The fragrance is also used in Fabric Fresheners for housekeeping and spa use.

The Success Story

Our collaboration with Hatzilazarou Group for the creation of a unique Signature Scent for use in all its Hotels comprehensively met and fulfilled the initial goals set by our client.