North Santorini | The ultimate Hotel Experience

North Santorini | The ultimate Hotel Experience

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North Santorini | Scent Branding Case Study

Megasystems in collaboration with Scent Plus created for the Luxury Spa Hotel, North Santorini, a unique Signature Scent that highlights the character and brand values of the hotel.

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The Signature Scent

Dream – Privacy – Brightness – Luxury – Wellbeing

In collaboration with Scent Plus, we created the Signature Scent that focuses on the five main characteristics of the hotel, as they were analyzed in our first meeting with the client.

More specifically, with the Signature Scent we created, we managed to decode the brand values and personality of North Santorini into aromatic notes.
The scent brings out in a unique way the dreamy feeling and the sense of well-being that the visitors feel during their stay in North Santorini.
In addition, it emphasizes the luxury and brightness of the hotel premises.

Finally, it underlines the feeling of safety and privacy that travelers seek upon their arrival in North Santorini, which is also a vital concern of the hotel itself.

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The composition of the Signature Scent

A woody fragrance, ideal for areas with minimal design and architecture.

Top Notes | In the top notes, orange blossom essential oils offer a pleasant welcome.

Middle Notes | The middle notes are dominated by iris, a material that gives a subtle sense of luxury and brightness.

Scent Base | The vetiver in combination with the sandalwood offers the feeling of the natural environment that grows in the place.

The application of the Signature Scent

The Signature Scent is naturally diffused throughout the Hotel areas through new-generation atmospheric technology mechanisms.

In addition, we have created for North Santorini its own branded reed diffusers, which decorate and renew the scent in the hotel premises and are also available for sale, so that guests can take with them a “piece” of their experience at North Santorini.

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The Success Story

The collaboration between Megasystems and Scent Plus for the creation of the Signature Scent was a complete success.