Cigarettes are an object of study for medicine, not only due to the consequences that smoking has on human health but also for the consequences it has on the spaces that humans inhabit, work, and live, due to the malodor generated by cigarettes’ smoke. Cigarettes, and especially the smoke they generate, are guaranteed to burden spaces with unpleasant odors. In many cases, this malodor is unpleasant even for smokers. Cigarettes’ smoke is filled with a chemical mixture of tar and nicotine, mixed with organic products and flavored combustion products.

With the use of Aromaguard’s advanced technology all unpleasant smells caused by cigarette are controlled:

  • Its composition is specially formulated so that the molecules of the product react with those of the cigarette’s smoke, differentiating and neutralizing them.
  • After the neutralization of unpleasant odors, comes the second act of the special product: that of scenting, in order for the ideal atmosphere of freshness and cleanness to be created, contributing towards the creation of a perfect atmosphere for every type of space.
  • The duration of the fabric and space scent is 12 hours
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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
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