Scent Branding

We create unique fragrances for every brand based on its values and characteristics.

We combine space characteristics, the characteristics of the people we are targeting and of the goals that each brand has in order to create carefully targeted fragrances that will accurately represent each brand.

Every fragrance could cause a different set of emotions based on its ingredients. Consumers’ behavior and mood is differentiated with the use of different fragrances.

The in depth study of a company’s personality helps us form a specific olfactory suggestion. This suggestion is the means to express all the features of a brand; it should strongly support and represent those features to the brand’s consumers. A targeted suggestion aims at:

null offering a unique consumer experience
null reinforcing brand loyalty
null differentiating a brand from its competitors
null enhancing brand awareness by people

This way, a brand will be representative of its consumers and the consumers will keep the brand in high demand.