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  • Megasystems in cooperation with Scent Plus created the ultimate Success Story in the new boutique hotel, Acro Suites!

  • Learn more about our successful collaboration with White Coast Milos.

  • For another year, Megasystems successfully participated in the HORECA exhibition for professionals in the fields of tourism, restaurants, and cafe. Learn more...

  • Air purifier STELLA is a small, easy-to-use, and effective machine. It has HEPA 13 filters and a UV lamp, for immediate control of 99.9% of any pathogenic microorganism, virus, bacterium, germ, dust,

  • Η Scent Plus, με περισσότερες από 100.000 επιτυχημένες συνεργασίες σε όλη την Ευρώπη, επεκτείνεται στην Ελλάδα και αναζητά τον νέο της συνεργάτη για το νομό Κοζάνης.

  • The success of Megasystems in Scent Marketing is recognized and sealed by its entry in the Golden Anniversaries of Timeless Companies issued by ICAP. ICAP's Publications congratulate companies that de