Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is the new trend in hospitality and tourism. It is a fact that hoteliers focus more than ever on creating a memorable experience, paying attention in detail and not just to classic methods such as Design and Service. Aroma marketing is one of the most important communication methods that Hoteliers employ, so as to create a positive impression. In their effort to provide a personalized experience, hotels create their own unique fragrances.

Scent Branding reflects the identity and values ​​of your Brand. The hotel aroma accompanies travelers throughout their stay, creating unique experiences and strong relationships. Scents and colors are those features that change our mood. In fact, some combinations are particularly addictive because we want to repeat our positive emotional experiences. Branding in businesses, packaging and products gets through color and fragrance, always, accompanying visitors and consumers at their decisions! Aroma marketing could become the competitive edge of your brand!