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Scent Marketing has now become an effective branding tool in almost every industry – from hotels and food & beverage services to retail and tourism. For those who live and work in branding, it’s obvious that the future belongs to scent marketing. Today, more than ever before, consumers receive thousands messages of products and services on a daily basis. Therefore, a growing company would stand out from the crowd, only if its branding breaks through the noise and captures consumers’ attention. Then and only then, experience becomes branding!

The most powerful brands across all industries create loyalty and unique consumer experiences. However, this is not just value for money, the strategy of an outstanding brand is to be a memorable experience! A particular scent, the aroma of any business in retail, hospitality, commerce or tourism associated with a brand would be such an experience! It’s no accident that marketers use scent to promote theirs products.

Learn more for the numerous applications of scent marketing and how scent can influence consumer behavior. ‘Link’ your brand with the unique perfumes of Mega Systems. Our scenting suggestions apply to all types of businesses, products and cultures! From a business point of view, scent signature could become the competitive edge of your brand!

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We expand our services studying the latest trends in perfumery and scent marketing

Our company is cooperating with leading perfumeries and expert perfumers across the world. Sensory branding is now taking the leads from traditional marketing – creating memorable experiences and emotional connection with customers.

In Mega Systems we embrace innovation through business scenting and scent branding. Furthermore, we deliver fragrance diffusion technologies at the highest standards which enhance customer experience and companies’ brand identity. It is widely known among marketers that scent marketing has become a global trend. Business scenting transforms branding by building emotional bonds with consumers.

We have our very own Research & Development team for creating new products and innovative solutions

With 27 years of experience, Mega Systems prides itself on an unmatched level of scent marketing experience and knowledge. At the same time, our Research & Development team creates scents that tell a unique story for each brand. While our innovative scent creation process delivers distinctive signature scents that satisfy all our customer’s needs. Last but not least, we always select our supplies in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management systems regulations.

We comply with all European and Global IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and regulations

Using only products and services of highest quality, Mega Systems ensures that all of its perfumes and fragrances are fully complied with customer safety regulations. Furthermore, our eco-friendly company policy guarantees that our company is growing with environmental consciousness.

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