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Our company Mega Systems, during its long journey, which started in 1992, has managed to be the first scent marketing company in Greece. However, we continue to develop this new form of communication, known as scent marketing, despite our leading position in the Greek market! Our company ranks among the most robust and reliable Greek companies. Even more, our partnerships with leading suppliers of raw materials guarantee that Mega Systems will remain as one of the most innovative companies in the field of Sensory Branding. At last, we always focus on providing business scenting solutions, meeting the highest quality standards of our industry. While we work tirelessly so as to provide each one of our customers with an appropriate communication strategy.

Scent Marketing Company

Scent Marketing Company


We keep your spaces clean with the complete Scent Plus cleaning system that offers 24-hour coverage

Insect control

Disinfection system for WC

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Complementary Professional Solutions

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Scent Marketing Company

  • Scent Marketing Scent Marketing is study, analysis, diagnosis and application of the proper complex scent, that enhances the emotional bond of the consumer with the brand.

  • Scent as selling tool Studies show that the targeted complex aromas predispose positively purchasing decisions: 84% of people were more likely to buy [shoes], or liked them

  • Scent marketing is the new trend in hospitality and tourism. It is a fact that hoteliers focus more than ever on creating a memorable experience, paying attention in detail