E-shop Megasystems: Read the new article for us!

E-shop Megasystems: Read the new article for us!

e-shop megasystems

Tornos News posted an article regarding our e-shop that is dedicated to products & services for home and office.

Thank you very much for your article.


For more than 30 years, the needs of professionals have guided us to research, design and create products that elevate businesses in every industry.

Now, our professional products are repackaged in order to adapt to household needs and give everyone the solutions they are looking for with the greatest Return on Investment.



The purpose of our online store is to provide professional services to home & office users.

In our Eshop you may find:

Advanced technology and exquisitely designed diffusers for home and office.

Perfumes in liquid form for all kinds of diffusers.
High quality essential oils, with unique production formulas, which ensure a constant effect throughout your day.

Scented candles and air fresheners for home and office.

Insect repellents for insect repellent devices  with excellent results against flies and mosquitoes allowing you to enjoy your space clean and healthy.

Professional coverage insecticide, in liquid form that effectively fights ants, spiders, bedbugs, moths, dust mites, fleas.

Surface disinfectants with 70% alcohol that disinfect your space of viruses and bacteria, ensuring clean and safe surfaces.

A range of special products in an easy-to-use trigger bottle for fabric freshening, neutralization of cigarette, kitchen, pet odors as well as for general purpose.

The Article @ Tornos News

Read the whole article about our e-shop, the innovative products we introduce to the Greek market and the services and solutions we offer to home users here.