Megasystems in the Timeless Businesses issue by ICAP

Megasystems in the Timeless Businesses issue by ICAP

30 years of Megasystems

From its very first steps in 1992, Megasystems managed to reach the highest of standards regarding the quality of its products and services; which has always been the company’s core element.
Innovation, recognition, and our strong network of partners are the main and most important pillars that have made us stand out over time and have put us among the leading companies in our industry.

Golden Anniversaries of Timeless Businesses by ICAP

The success of Megasystems in the field of Scent Marketing is recognized and sealed by the entry of our company in the Golden Anniversaries of Timeless Companies issued by ICAP; for the last 6 years the ICAP’s e-books have met great success in the business world and they have provided the opportunity to successful companies to present both their work and vision to a wide audience.

It is important to highlight that ICAP with its publications congratulates companies that despite the adverse economic conditions manage to achieve their business plan and remain thriving. It is, therefore, a great pleasure and honor for the Megasystems family to be part of the ICAP’s latest issue.

Scent Marketing

Megasystems was created with the ultimate goal of applying the science of Scent Marketing to every space where people live, get entertained, and work. Each fragrance can evoke different emotions based on its ingredients which are able to enhance or even change the mood and behavior of the consumer. The in-depth study of a company’s personality for us results in a specific olfactory proposition. This proposal is the means of expressing all the characteristics of a brand, it must strongly support each element and fully represent them to its audience.

Our company follows global studies and research that rank Sensory Marketing as one of the most competitive and successful Marketing and sales strategies. Thus, using advanced technologies, we bring to Greece the philosophy of Scent Marketing by collaborating successfully with major well-know brands.
Over the years, we have created and developed a wide range of products, services, and personalized solutions that answer both simple and complex problems related to the scenting, cleaning, and refreshment of indoor air. In fact, listening to the needs of society, now, we have the pleasure to offer successful solutions not only for business premises, as we did from our first steps, but also for home use.

More specifically, by creating our e-shop, we have managed to create and distribute product series, which follow the high standards of professional products but are intended for home spaces, providing solutions to everyday problems that we all face.

Megasystems: Mega – Family

We are very happy that Megasystems is constantly evolving, setting high goals, and always achieving them. Today, we have created a close network of partners – a wider family, one might call it.

In summary, our company has more than 60 partners in each region of the country, each of whom works with passion, shares the vision, and coalesce the philosophy of Megasystems. Our hard work, deep knowledge in Scent Marketing services and our ambition, have allowed us to export our products to 13 countries and to have over 65,000 satisfied customers both in Greece and abroad.

30 Years of Success

The entry of Megasystems’ 30 year anniversary in the Timeless Businesses of ICAP is for us the reward for all these years of innovation and continuous development but also the start of a new era in which we will continue to evolve and follow the latest technology trends while listening to the needs of our customers and remaining always faithful to our philosophy and values.

We are grateful for the 30 successful years that have passed.
We are excited for the next 30 successful years to come.

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