White Coast Milos | Our cooperation & the success story

White Coast Milos | Our cooperation & the success story

white coast milos success story by Megasystems

White Coast Milos | The ultimate Scent Marketing Project in a unique Boutique Hotel

The Main Objectives of Scent Branding

• Enhancement of the main characteristics of White coast: Seductive, sensual, zen, luxuriously rich, tranquil, relaxing.
• Enhancement of the feeling of a luxurious, romantic destination, where one can enjoy his privacy.
• Creation of a depiction of the hotel’s vision: “Where time stops and life begins“.

The Strategy & methodology of creating the Signature Scent

In order to achieve the goal of creating a signature scent, perfectly harmonized with the brand personality of White Coast, we studied – in collaboration with the team of leading perfumers – the brand values as well as all the elements that compose the brand identity of the accommodation, which were given to us in our initial “interview” with the client.

The signature fragrance that we inspired and created for the luxurious boutique hotel, White Coast, is a refined fragrance with notes of peach, mandarin, and coconut that gives the space the ultimate feeling of summer.

Hues | Gold and ocher reflect sand and sun.

Scent Body | The combination of red fruits, pink pepper, and jasmine, reveals the intense romance, warmth, and elegance of the Hotel Concept.

Scent Base | At the base of the fragrance, the notes of cedarwood, powder, and musk give the space a feeling of seductive luxury.

Feeling | A fragrance, so clean and familiar that embraces the travelers, flooding them with feelings of relaxation, calmness, and carefreeness.

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The ways of using the fagrance in White Coast Milos

  • The perfume was applied in the common areas of the hotel.
    The application was carried out with atmospheric technology mechanisms, high standards, and elegant design, diffusing the aroma into the atmosphere in a completely natural and consistent way.
  • The signature scent is also applied to scented candles and Reed Diffusers for own use inside the boutique hotel, but also for resale to hotel guests.
  • Another application of the signature scent that is worth noting, is the creation of fabric fresheners, which freshen the fabrics in the hotel rooms, giving them the wonderful unique scent of White Coast.
  • The application, maintenance, and control of the correct operation of the diffusers, as well as the sufficient aromatization, is achieved with the guarantee of Megasystems and its huge network of partners throughout Greece.

The Success Story

  • The signature scent for White Coast Milos fully corresponded to the luxurious identity and the hotel concept, creating an ideal environment for travelers.
  • The Branded products enhance the overall Hotel Experience, creating a strong emotional bond, as travelers can take the products with them as they leave White Coast Hotel.
  • In this way, the hotel’s awareness increases as well as the repeaters – the guests, smelling the scent, want to relive the holistic experience offered by the hotel and return to it.
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“Testimonial” Pediaditis Tasos, White Coast’s General Manager

“The services from the company Mega Systems are excellent and we warmly thank her for the impeccable service!
Our signature scent and the products we created with it, are of excellent quality and perfectly harmonized with the philosophy of White Coast.

During the season our guests comment positively on the fragrance, telling us that it is very nice, very special, and unique! It beautifies our space, they say! Comments such as: “Your perfume describes White Coast”, “Your perfume exactly reflects the character of your hotel” etc., are comments that we hear constantly.
We have also noticed in booking, as well as in other search engines, positive reviews about our signature scent.
Finally, I would like to refer to our decision to create products with our signature scent.
It is a successful move, as our guests, smelling the perfume in the space, as soon as they check-in, immediately want to buy it.
Therefore, this move has performed optimally for the hotel.

Mega Systems is unquestionably a leading company of its kind and I would highly recommend it to any entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in Scent Marketing”.