The period demands a Stella

The period demands a Stella


The new addition of our company is called STELLA.

The air purifier STELLA is a small, easy-to-use, and effective machine ideal for both home and professional use.

STELLA will impress you with its performance, its functions, and its ease of use.

Is it effective in cleaning the air?

It has HEPA 13 filters and a UV lamp, for immediate control of 99.9% of any pathogenic microorganism, virus, bacterium, germ, dust, and harmful substance that is suspended in the atmosphere of the space.

Is it suitable for small spaces?

STELLA air purifier is small in dimensions, 218x218x340mm, light, 2.47KG, and easy to use. It will become your daily ally against all pathogenic microorganisms. Both its dimensions and design, make it an ideal choice for small spaces and offices. Due to its size, it operates at 360° and covers spaces from 20sqm to 40sqm.

Clean the atmosphere of your space and breathe fresh air free of any harmful substances.

Will it fit my space?

STELLA is not only effective but is also elegant. It is designed to be placed in any environment without interfering with the aesthetics of the space as it has an elegant design. Available in white and black to choose the one that suits best your place.

Is it suitable for places where children live?

STELLA air purifier is silent, has a sleep function, lock for children, automatic detection of harmful substances in the air & automatic operation. It is ideal for areas with children as it not only cleans the air your children breathe but also is harmless and quiet in its operation.

Where can I use the STELLA air purifier?

It is ideal for any area of the house such as the living room, office, kitchen, bedroom but also for small business spaces, doctor’s offices, waiting areas, locker rooms, testing rooms, offices, kindergartens, and shops.

Does it require maintenance?

STELLA is ideal for you who do not have much time in your daily life and want a quality living and working space free from harmful substances and viruses. Its filters are replaced every 12 months or every 8,000 operating hours.

Where can I find the STELLA air purifier?

Βuy now the revolutionary STELLA air purifier on our E-Shop at a preferential price.

Give yourself, your family, and your co-workers the safety of a clean space with the premium air purifier STELLA.