Fresh & Clean


Product Usage: Floor Cleaner. Diluted with water for mopping. For general use. Cleaning various surfaces insoluble in a sponge.

Ideal For: Floors, Kitchens, Glass, Bathrooms, Home Appliances, Walls, Metal Surfaces.

Product Characteristics – Action Mechanism: Deeply cleanses grease: The cleaning of grease and most difficult stains is achieved with the strong alkaline (basic) character of the product (high pH).

Eliminates all kinds of dirt: The combination of a strong detergent ingredient and the product’s solvents ensure effective cleaning.

Small dose: With the high concentration of “active ingredients”, concentrated, an excellent result is achieved by using a small amount of the product.

Quick Cleaning: The presence of a hydrotropic surfactant ensures faster and deeper cleaning of surfaces.

No blurring: The presence of a chelating agent in high concentration binds the water ions that are responsible for blurring. Glossy cleanliness: The combinations of a polymer and a binder provide a transparent film.

Rapid drying: The use of volatile solvents accelerates the rapid drying of surfaces. Fragrance: High percentage of Ocean Waters perfume so that the aroma is felt during application.

Additional Information
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
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