The pleasant scent positively affects the consumer at the point of Sale.

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing is study, analysis, diagnosis and application of the proper complex scent, that enhances the emotional bond of the consumer with the brand. Scent Marketing is a basic pillar for the corporate communication strategy of a successful organization.

ApplicationsInternational chain in fashion products applies in every point of sale the same specific scent, in order to achieve a unified global identity.

Scent Marketing is the dynamic non-verbal form of communication that we apply according to your brand’s personality and target-group.

null We imprint your brand to the heart and mind of your consumers
null We create a memorable aesthetical experience for the consumer
null We influence positively the buying behaviour
null We increase customer loyalty
nullWe make your quality more pronounced
null We empower your brand, by applying your sent signature to your facilities and objects
null We help in keeping a pleasant and productive working environment